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Boek van de Week: While Glaciers Slept
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Titel: While Glaciers Slept
Ondertitel: Being Human in a Time of Climate Change
Auteur: M. Jackson
Eerste druk: 2015
Paginas: 236
Uitgever: Green Writers Press
Bindwijze: Paperback/Hardback
Prijs: $24.95/$14.99
ISBN: 9780996087261/9780990973331

De uitgever over het boek
While Glaciers Slept weaves together the parallel stories of what happens when the climates of family and planet change. Jackson, a National Geographic Expert, reveals how these events are deeply similar and intertwined. She tells the story of her parents’ struggles with cancer while describing in detail the planetary changes she’s witnessed. Above all else, Jackson shows that even in the darkest of times there is clear reason for hope and light.
Readers are drawn into a world where complex climatic themes and glacial processes are broken down for a general audience. Jackson dances us over solar, wind, and geothermal mysteries, bringing us along on expeditions. Climate change, she convinces us, is not just about science—it is also about the audacity of human courage and imagination. While Glaciers Slept shows us that the story of one family can be the story of one planet, and that climate change has a human face.

Meer over het boek
Green Writers Press

Meer over de Auteur
National Geographic


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