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Boek van de Week: Energy and Climate Change
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dinsdag 03 april 2018 20:49

Energy and Climate Change 120

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Titel: Energy and Climate Change
Ondertitel: An Introduction to Geological Controls, Interventions and Mitigations
Auteur: Michael Stephenson
Eerste druk: 2018
Paginas: 2018
Bindwijze: Paperback/eBook
Prijs: $138.00/$115.00
ISBN: 9780128120217/9780128120224

De uitgever over het boek
Energy and Climate Change: An Introduction to Geological Controls, Interventions and Mitigations examines the Earth system science context of the formation and use of fossil fuel resources, and the implications for climate change. It also examines the historical and economic trends of fossil fuel usage and the ways in which these have begun to affect the natural system (i.e., the start of the Anthropocene). Finally, the book examines the effects we might expect in the future looking at evidence from the "deep time" past, and looks at ways to mitigate climate change by using negative emissions technology (e.g. bioenergy and carbon capture and storage, BECCS), but also by adapting to perhaps a higher than "two degree world," particularly in the most vulnerable, developing countries. Energy and Climate Change is an essential resource for geoscientists, climate scientists, environmental scientists, and students; as well as policy makers, energy professionals, energy statisticians, energy historians and economists.

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British Geological Survey


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